2-Pin & Grinder

  • Client:
    Rick Sheen & Lee-Ann Zanelli
  • Medium:
    Kinetic sculpture with found objects

Custom-Designed Kinetic Sculpture

“2-Pin & Grinder” was my first commission, created for Rick Shean and Lee-Ann Zanelli.  Rick, a gifted and passionate Intern Architect, and I studied at Carleton University and later worked together for Christopher Simmonds Architect.  Rick & Lee-Anne were building their Hintonburg home at the time and Rick offered me a carte blanche commission to do a “painting”.  I was given a site on the kitchen/living /dining room wall (about 9’ high by 16’ long) and decided to create a kinetic sculpture.  The artwork was conceived as a dynamic installation; one which I hoped would take literal cues from the uses in the space.  The piece proper is about 12’ long.  The canvas is a 24’ long mylar belt stretched between two rolling pins; by cranking a reconfigured meat-grinder, the belt turns, revealing a series of events/experiences.

Photo Credits: Peter Fritz

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