A clattering can be heard

  • Client:
    Anthony Bruni & Tianna Arcangeletti
  • Medium:
    Functional sculpture from found objects

Custom-Designed Functional Sculpture

“A clattering can be heard” is my second art commission, created for Anthony Bruni and Tianna Arcangeletti.  Anthony, a gifted architect and artist, was a fellow colleague for over 6 years at James Colizza Architect (now Colizza Bruni Architecture) following our graduation from Carleton University.  Anthony & Tianna were building a new home at the time and Anthony offered me a carte blanche commission to design “a bench/artwork”.  I was given a site on the entry wall facing the front door (about 9’ high by 8’ wide).  The piece was conceived to be functional but sculptural.  Earlier that year I had salvaged a couple of over 100 year old oak pew bench seats as well as bent plywood seats and backs from discarded stacking chairs from a local church.  When I found these items I had no idea why I wanted to have them, but I collected them, and the commission revealed their purpose to me.  The bench is cantilevered from a steel plate buried in the wall.  The plywood back panels are suspended by stainless aircraft cables and hinged with rubber shock-mounts which allow them to flex when pressure is applied.

Photo credits: John Kealey

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